Sunday, July 29, 2012

Time for Repentance

I felt the chastisement of the Holy Spirit to repent of my anger against KS for her cheating.  So I had a good, long prayer time, in which I repented of my anger and asked the Lord to cause KS to repent of her actions and then I prayed for her salvation and put both her and RP under the Blood of Jesus and that the Lord would comfort them both.  That His will would be done in their lives.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

You weren't "twying" heart enough, Kristen!!!!!

I've pretty much let everyone know that I am a committed, dedicated Twi-heart in the kingdom of Robsten....yesterday, I got a pretty big shock.  Kris10 Stewart was unfaithful to her (and Twi-hearts') beloved Rob Pattinson.  Well, it appears to me that Kristen is as much of a skank as Kris Jenner.  I can't believe how these two Ks have walked all over the men who loved them.  Aaaargh!  and a Bah Humbug to both Ks.